I’m Abbie Schenk, a software developer and photographer.

I’m interested in conveying information and stories in interdisciplinary ways, combining interactive web apps, digital mapping, photography, video, writing, and other methods.

This website is a non-comprehensive collection of projects I have worked on.


  • Software Development
    • 4+ years of professional experience (LinkedIn, CV on request)
    • Most recently: Javascript/Typescript (React.js + Node.js)
    • Other: Java/Spring, Gatsby.js, Unity3D, some Android
  • Photography
  • Videography
  • Digital Communications


  • Master of Arts in Recreation and Leisure Studies
    Thesis: A Photographic Autoethnography on Travel as a Meaningful Transitional Time
  • BSc. Computing Science


I’m open to hearing about opportunities to collaborate and work with like-minded people. You can reach me via email.


Headstone Addresses
An Edmonton Heritage Council grant-funded, spatiotemporal data visualization of cemetary headstones linked to their home addresses in China.
A tree-based visual game development tool designed for non-programmmers, exportable in common formats to work with almost any game engine.
A cat-based Unity3D role playing game released for PC, macOS, Android, and iOS.
A web game based on a University of Alberta locale for the student newspaper.
ScriptEase II
A program that allows video game designers to create scripts using a GUI.