A web game based on a University of Alberta locale for the student newspaper.

HUB Run is a web game created for The Gateway student newspaper. You can play it on The Gateway’s website and find it on GitHub.

Title screen for the game HUB Run, showing the title, the controls, a top-down view of the main character in a hallway, and an 8-bit style logo for The Gateway student newspaper.
A screenshot of the starting screen for HUB Run.

The game was built using the Phaser Javascript framework, with art by Jess Hong. It’s an endless runner based on a long building at the University of Alberta called HUB. The idea came from a common complaint from students about people walking down the wrong side while trying to get to class.

The game was released at the start of the school year, the most important time to get new students to become new readers of The Gateway. It was a massive success, creating record start-of-year traffic that sustained through the rest of the year. It’s also evergreen content as long as students are on campus, and The Gateway has continued to use it to promote their website.

(Note that GitHub doesn’t seem to want to list me as a contributor on this repo.)